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I started these Vlogs to show that life is far from over just because I'm using a wheelchair, a fear I had when I was diagnosed - but I was so wrong!!


I am hoping to help the Ataxia UK charity out with some fundraising in the future, so please join me on my vlogging journey.


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Sailing my 2.4mR and kit testing pre-event at Queen Mary Reservior

I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Friedreichs Ataxia when I was 13 years old. I have been using a wheelchair to get around from the age of 18. I love sailing, racing, fishing, travelling, sun, hanging with my homies and a cheeky little nightclub or two!! Now I have finally plucked up the courage to document the fun and difficulties I face... it's mainly fun!! Enjoy my Vlogs.

Will takes an electric handcycle wheelchair attachment on the plane to Ibiza and tests it on various terrains. This really does increase a wheelchair users independence and gives them the opportunity to visit more inaccessible places and have great adventures. Truly amazing!!