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500W 36V Electric Handcycle Attachment
12" Wheel No Suspension
500W 36V Electric Handcycle Attachment
12" Wheel No Suspension (UK STOCK, FAST DELIVERY)
500W 36V Electric Handcycle Attachment
12" Wheel with Suspension
When ordered with a Handcycle Attachment and Battery
Additional Battery


Electric Handcycle Attachment for your Wheelchair

Wheel can turn 90 degrees for ease of manoeuvrability both inside and out.

Compact and relatively light weight.

Can be easily transported in a car boot or trunk.

Can be sent on airplane free as Mobility Aid.

Easily attached to almost any manual wheelchair.

Can be used on smooth pavements, roads, potholes, grass and inclines.

Adjustable height steering to suit rider.



Powerful electric motor fitted within wheel hub (size options).

Rechargeable Lithium battery complete with charger (size options).

Front led headlight.

Twin disk brakes with on no suspension models, single disk brake on with suspension handcycle.

Brake lock for stop on inclines.

Twist grip throttle.

Display computer to set; speed 1 to 3 and reverse, cruise speed, maximum speed limit.

12 month Manufactures Warranty.


Despatch and Delivery

These handcycles are manufactured and assembled in China. Please allow 15 days for despatch and then 35 days for delivery.



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For any of you who have landed on this page and don’t know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Will Street and I am a wheelchair user. I have a degenerative condition known as Friedreich’s Ataxia. It affects my nerves and muscle control giving me poor coordination and dexterity. I have difficulty self propelling my manual wheelchair very far.


I wish to be as independent as possible and love to visit different places and meet up with friends both old and new.


A few years ago I became aware of Electric Handcycles that could be attached directly to your manual wheelchair giving the ability to transform it whilst keeping the benefits of a manual chair. I had trials on two of the leading makes but the price was prohibitive and I didn’t buy one in case I couldn’t get on with it.


I researched the market looking for alternatives and found one make that looked incredible in terms of specification and performance. At just around 20% of the price of the ones I had tried, I simply had to buy one.


I have been really impressed with it and get more so every time I use it. Its capabilities far exceeded my expectations.


Working with the factory I have decided to offer these for sale on my website. I truly believe that adding one to your wheelchair will increase your independence and give you the opportunity to seek out new adventures.


If you buy one I think you will wish you bought it sooner, like I did!

- Free Postage Worldwide.

- Duty Free UK and Europe.

- Allow 15 working days for despatch, then 35 days Shipment.

- One year Manufacturers Warranty.

* Required